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Our infant program is built on the fact that infants have an innate curiosity. We use texture, toys, colors, books, and play to stimulate this young, growing minds. Tummy time is very important at this stage as well as to build neck and arm coordination/strength!  Depending on your infants developmental stage, we will encourage sitting up, crawling, standing, and walking to build their gross motor skills.  There are so many changes taking place at this stage!  Our experienced staff will encourage their growth and tend to their needs, no matter if a newborn or an older infant that is learning to walk!  Your child will not be treated as a number at Loretta's Little Lambs.  Our staff will take time to give eye contact, fun conversations, and cuddles to your child!  It is very important that your child feels safe and loved while in our care. 

One yr olds are naturally curious creatures.  They learn a lot through play and become very active!  If your child isn't walking yet....he will be soon!

And the adventure begins!!!!

Our staff will continue to help strengthen your child's gross motor skills through music and various other methods. We will use play that encourages the development of fine motor skills as well. Stories and songs that introduce new words and sounds.  We will encourage plenty of safe exploration by providing unbreakable toys, plastic/wooden utensils, padded climbing structures, large textured items, outdoor play, etc.  Here at Loretta's Little Lambs we believe in learning by doing.  Therefore, children will be encouraged to dress and undress(shoes/jackets), self feed, wash hands, tidy up after themselves, and the list goes on!

Potty training is introduced between 15 and 18 months of age to prepare them for the older toddler room.

The older toddler is becoming independant and learning so much at this powerful stage of their life!  We continue to work on gross and fine motor skills to keep them sharp and learning new things.  Fine motor skills are important because it sets them up to be later introduced to handwriting


Children at this age love to pretend and play dress up. It fosters imagination, strengthens relationships, and improves communication. We have many items available to promote creative minds!  We are working on color, shape, letter, and number recognition as well.

Toddlers love getting their hands dirty!  We influence that through arts and crafts, sensory tables, and textured objects.  Studies show that children who grasp, feel, taste, and throw objects-especially their food-are constantly gathering information about the world around them. Those that are more messy are more likely to be better at learning.

Loretta's Little Lambs is devoted to being there for your childs social and emotional needs.  Trying to teach a two yr old to play nice, take turns, and care for one another is not easy but we are experienced and are up for the task! 

In our preschool room we continue to build on what they have already learned in our toddler rooms. It is our mission to have your child more than prepared for kindergarden!


We are here to help your child conquer their fine motor skills!  These skills are very important but can be difficult for some children.  These skills involve control of smaller muscles such as fingers and hands. Your preschooler should be able to hold a pencil correctly, button, zip, unzip, snap, etc.

Adaptive skills are  important for daily living, such as dressing, eating, toileting, and washing.

Speech and language Development-ability to understand language as well as use language to communicate.

Cognitive Development-ability to solve problems, learn, reason and think.

Social and Emotional Development-ability to control emotions, interact with others, and self help.

Our staff is fully capable and qualified to help your child through all of these milestones! We also understand that not all children develop at the same pace.  Our preschool teacher is always watching, listening, and evaluating so that she will learn the needs of each individual child and tend to them as necessary.

At Loretta's Little Lambs, we recognize that school age children have different needs, interests, and values than the younger children at our center. We respect their growing minds, exuberant energy, and unique skill-sets. Our school age child care program are required to do a school related activity (homework, reading) with a certified elementary education teacher. They will also be served a snack, with opportunities to help prepare and serve the snack. Additionally, children will have a variety of age-appropriate activities from which to choose each day.